You visit Ewa Mechelewska’s web site. Ewa is a tai chi teacher and the owner of taichi-warszawa school. Her adwenture with tai chi begun in 1988.Since this year She has taken place in many tournaments usually with very good results.
The most important achievements in tai chi are:

  • 1997 2nd place, competition various weapon- I International Championship Kung Fu – Wetzlar Germany
  • 2000 2nd place, Tai Chi weapon – 5th World Wu Shu Festival Shanghai China
  • 2002 1st place in competition Tai chi tradinational weapon – 7th International Polish Championship.
  • 2006 2nd place – II World Traditional Wushu Championship Shaolin China.
  • 2008 3rd place – III World Traditional Wushu Championship Wudang Mountains China.
  • Since 2004 Ewa umpire in torunaments.

Taichi is sometimes describing as meditation during movements. This is Chinesee art of sensitive and harmonious exercises which is very helpful to achieve excellent health and decrease stress.Taichi is suitable for people of all age.

If you want to take part in taichi training, join Ewas taichi shool. Every at weednesday 18.00 – a group for beginners is located in:

Modrzewski grammar school
Elektoralna street 5/7

more details:
mob +48 501 444 997

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